• Fleets / Transit / Municipalities

    The perfect addition to any shop and fleet environment where time and safety are key. With Aussie Rimshine, you will cut downtime and raise productivity by more than half. A job that used to take days can now be done promptly, securely, and safely. The wheel(s) will never have to be removed and the tires do not need to be dismounted, avoiding extra room for error. Wheels polished, Time saved, team member safety. 

    Fleet Services 
  • Truck Washes / Detailers / Mobile

    Aussie Rimshine is the weapon needed to add to your arsenal and elevate your business to the next level. Polishing is an art form that takes time to learn and perfect and every job is different. With Aussie Rimshine, even a novice can start using the machine immediately. The perfect tool to attack a customer with limited time that doesn't want wheels off and needs a re-brighting to get back on the road. 

    Truck Washes 
  • Owner Operators

    More and more owners are becoming self-sufficient and doing the job of polishing their wheels themselves. For just a few dollars per wheel you can service your truck(s) without having to make appointments (sometimes weeks out) & having your truck(s) down for the days. With Aussie Rimshine, it takes the guesswork and down time of polishing by hand. Our machine, in a matter of minutes, can bring back the luster and shine of your wheels, and most importantly get you back on the road and making money. 

    Owner Operators 

Aussie Rimshine is the standard in wheel maintenance. Aussie Rimshine is the original ‘on vehicle’ wheel polishing machine and the only one that can cut back then polish a wheel on the vehicle, beware of CHEAP IMITATIONS. Now you can have your wheels looking immaculate all year round whilst minimizing the cost to your business.

We’ve made keeping your trucks on the road our business, giving you the competitive advantage. When one of your rigs is off the road, due to repairs or maintenance, it’s costing you time, money and more importantly your reputation. That’s why maintaining your fleet and minimizing downtime is the most effective way of keeping the wheels turning.