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Aussie Rimshine Gen III (Electric) - Pro Kit

Aussie Rimshine Gen III (Electric) - Pro Kit

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Aussie Rimshine (Gen III) is the number one best selling truck wheel polishing machine. Powered by a 220-240v, 3hp motor, the Gen II machine provides fast, quiet, and powerful polishing.

  • 3hp motor
  • Sealed bearings (no maintenance)
  • Soft start (smooth quiet operation)
  • Safe 2 handed operation
  • Built for professional use - made tough

The Pro Kit includes everything you need to polish 17.5" through 24.5" Drive, Trailer, and Steer wheels, including super singles, 0" and 2" offset US and EURO Profile, and 22.5" - 9" inch steer wheels (tag axle/floater/etc.).

Save $1040 over ordering everything individually!

The Pro Kit Includes:

  • Aussie Rimshine Gen III Machine
    • 22.5" Spring Kit
    • Valve Adjustment Tool
    • T-Pins
    • Warranty and Instruction Booklet
    • Polishing Fleece (21 pieces)
    • Cutting Fleece (9 pieces)
  • Gord's Aluminum Polish (32 oz. bottle)
  • Front Wheel Adapter Frame
  • 2 Boxes of Polishing Fleece (2 boxes of 50)
  • 1 Box of Cutting Fleece (box of 50)
  • 1 Bag Lambs Wool Tails
  • 17.5" Spring Kit
  • Invisivalve Kit 
  • Pro Foam Head Kit:
    • AR-206 Foam Head 22.5 x 8.25" Standard Valve US
    • AR-210 Foam Head 24.5 x 8.25" Standard Valve US
    • AR-202 Foam Head 22.5 x 8.25" Standard Valve Euro 
    • AR-271 Foam Head 22.5 x 14 x 2" Offset Super Single
    • AR-272 Foam Head 22.5 x 14 x 0" Offset Super Single
    • AR-252 Foam Head 19.5 x 7.5" US
    • AR-261 Foam Head 17.5 x 6"
    • AR-301 Front Foam Head 22.5 x 8.25"
    • AR-302 Front Foam Head 22.5 x 8.25" + 9 EURO
    • AR-303 Front Foam Head 22.5 x 9" Offset US (tag axle/floater/etc.)
    • AR-304 Front Foam Head 24.5 x 8.25" US
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  • Warranty

    All Aussie Rimshine Wheel Polisher machines include a 1-year warranty that covers parts and labor. It does not cover misuse of the machine.

    No returns accepted without prior authorization. Any and all items that receive a written Waranty/Exchange approval from management are subject to restocking fee and returnee pays all shipping costs.